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unity手机跨平台插件Ultimate Mobile Pro v2019.3.9
所支持的Unity版本:2017.1.3 及以上版本
The new Ultimate Mobile Pro, is a bundle of Stan's Assets best mobile native pro-line plugins wrapped with powerful unified API. Plugin provides simplified cross-platform API for most popular native services.
The goal for this product is to be the best native cross-platform solution available for Unity.
All cross-platform features available with the plugin can be tested inside the Unity editor, so you can test your implementation before you build to a real device. You may also use any features from the plugins that are part of this bundle, or    you can combine usage of ross-platform & platform specific APIs. You’ll find more desc ription and samples in the documentation.
If you want to know more, here is a full introduction article.
Native Cross-Platform Features :
* Foundation (IOS, Android)- Native Dialogs, Native Preloader, Rate Us Dialog, Date Picker Dialog, Build Info 

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