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unity游戏可视化脚本编辑器Playmaker v1.9.0.p7
所支持的Unity版本:5.3.0 及以上版本
The powerful visual sc ripting solution used in Hearthstone, INSIDE, Hollow Knight, The First Tree, Dreamfall Chapters and more: Project Showcase 
Artists and Designers: Realize your creative vision without coding! Unlock the power of Unity. 
Programmers: Add a powerful visual state machine editor to your toolbox. Interface with sc ripts or      extend Playmaker with Custom Actions. 
:: NEW Nested Prefab support in 2018.3 
:: NEW Integrated UI Actions and Events. 
:: NEW Auto-Convert Variables in Actions. 
:: NEW Performance improvements. 
:: NEW Category Icons for Actions. 
:: NEW Favorites and Recent Actions. 
:: NEW New Action Attributes. 
:: Build behaviors in an intuitive Graph View. 
:: Drag-and-Drop Actions - no syntax errors! 
:: Save time with Copy/Paste and Templates. 
:: Access sc ripts and third party plugins. 
:: Enjoy powerful runtime debugging: 
:: Watch States, Variables, and Events. 

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