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unity可视化脚本系统FlowCanvas 2.9.1f
所支持的Unity版本:5.6.1 及以上版本
FlowCanvas is a powerful visual sc ripting system to create and manipulate virtually any aspect of gameplay elements for your Unity games in a very similar fashion to Unreal Blueprints and Autodesk Stingray, but with far less programming knowledge required!
FlowCanvas gives you the full flexibility of concepts typically available only in code, through an intuitive visual node editor, empowering you to create things from quick prototypes, up to complete game mechanics, without writing a single line of code.
Designers: Prototype, iterate and realize complete gameplay mechanics without coding, while learning how code works the easy way. If you are familiar with Unreal Blueprints, you will feel right at home.
Programmers: Interface with your code at a higher level, creating decoupled systems and/or    provide new self-contained nodes for designers with an easy and well documented API.
By connecting Events, Flow Controllers, Actions and Functions together, you can create and manipulate gameplay elements including but certainly not limited to:
● Player Controls
● Level Design Events
● Gameplay Mechanics
● User Interfaces
● Player Interactions
● and a whole lot more.

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