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unity游戏内存流系统场景优化编辑插件streaming system v1.9.6
所支持的Unity版本:5.1.4 及以上版本
IMPORTANT: This tool is for advanced unity users 
World Streamer is a memory streaming system. By using it you are able to stream whole your game from a disc in any axis and space. You are able to create endless space games, 2D platformers, 3rd person, or        any kind of game you want without loading screens during player movement. You could also create endless looped world. In few clicks your game is ready to be loaded from your disc! Now your scenes are as big as you want, without any limits. You could work on local area and update world by 2 buttons. You could also separate your world into layers like: lighting, ai, geometry or        even separate them into local areas. It's perfect soluton for teams that work on the same area. World streamer is also useful for architectural presentation or        in any application that you need to use as low memory as possible. With streaming you will reduce ob jects count in your scene...... 

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