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unity列表视图Awesome List View 2.1
Requires Unity 5.4.0 or    higher.
A simple yet powerful List View, with optional pagination support!
"Do you have a list of achievements that you just can't figure out how to display?"
"Do you have a list of items that never fits well in your UI?"
"Are you just looking for a nice automated way to display your items?"
Try Awesome List View! It fits perfectly in a Scroll View, but can be as efficient on its own!
4 samples included, showing some of the ways to use it. Get creative!
This requires some minor coding, as you need to create your classes inheriting ListView and ListViewItem (see screenshots, you can use samples as a base). It has been made as easy as possible.
ListView handles the data changes. 
ListViewItem handles updating the displayed items according to the data linked to it.

The rest of the setup takes place in the inspector. 


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