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unity自定义滚动试图适配器Optimized ScrollView Adapter (ListView, GridView) 4.2
所支持的Unity版本:5.4.3 及以上版本
Create eco-friendly chat systems, leaderboards, galleries, inventories, view pagers, spinners, drag-and-drop workflows, hierarchies, date/time pickers, virtually anything involving a list/grid. 
Highly customizable uGUI ScrollViews can be created, or          existing ScrollRects can be converted. OSA doesn't depend on Unity's ScrollRect, but supersedes it in functionality, so you get everything you're already familiar with, plus extra. 
In order to use the entire feature-set, please check the coding part in the quick-start video linked below and make sure you're comfortable with it, as it may appear difficult for some beginners that are not yet familiar with stuff like class inheritance . Not required for Playmaker users, since the features available to them (see below) don't require coding 

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