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unity增强现实应用创建工具插件Arcolib 1.0.3 beta
Requires Unity 5.3.0 or    higher.
Works with both Unity and Unity Pro
Arcolib is focused on providing multiple tools to speed up the construction of modern augmented reality apps. With an optimized core written in C++ and a beautiful API you are now able to design your mixed reality apps easier and faster than ever.
Arcolib is designed by persons who love the simplicity and productivity, that's why you will find everything you need on your Unity Editor. No external dependencies, no more worries on complex image processing tasks, just be focus on your app. Pay once use it forever.
Remarkable features:
- Integrated with Unity editor.
- Detection, tracking and generation of traditional fiducial markers and QR codes.
- Built-in native camera capture.
- Detection and tracking of natural images without borders or    tags.
- Generic input system that allows to perform image detection from any source.

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