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unity3D科幻游戏场景Sci-Fi Techlabs Construction kit

Sci-Fi techlabs Orion construction kit. 
Perfectly suitable for 1st person or  top 3rd person view games. 
Extremely efficient geometry and textures, huge levels will run even on mobile platforms.
- 3 premade levels with extra version without roof mesh. 
- 260 rooms and corridors elements 
- 154 custom interior ob jects: terminals, containers, pillars, generators, pods and many more. 
- whole kit is textured with a single 2048x2048 pattern. 
- .psd files are included 
- 6 different diffuse texture styles included 
- custom painted normal, specular and illumination maps.
- whole level1 example with all the ob jects and roof mesh is just 26k triangles.

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