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为您展现的为一款Unity护理幼犬儿童游戏Puppy Care源代码文件,格式类型为unitypack。包内带有代码截图,可提前查看。支持手机移动端,游戏具体说明:Here is a room for one more powerful complete project that rocks! You can make an awesome child-friendly pet doctor game, using our template for “Puppy care”.
We have launched a lot of games for kids and came to a decision, that kids games niche is just like Klondike! Check out the features of our hassle-free Source project of the game! The pug in this game is very dirty and badly injured. Children start with washing him with a shower and towel. After that 5 tools appear on the screen. Kids need to pick up right tool to cover 5 injuries of the pug:
- They check the pug’s temperature with thermometer;
- Cover the bruises on fur with Band-Aids;
- Fixate the broken paw with colorful plasters;
- Use the injection to cope with allergic reaction;

需要5金币 50 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分

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