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为我们展示的是一款Unity现代化fps游戏锁定子系统项目模板,适用于移动设备可独立工作。拥有着简单干净的源代码,资源大小为101MB,文件格式为unitypackage。游戏具体说明:LOCKS+ gives you a powerful locking system you can easily integrate into your FPS game. It can work as a standalone project, and can also be integrated into your current FPS project.
- A bomb you need to defuse by repeating a button sequence correctly, or  it blows up. 
- A door with a dial pad, you must enter the correct numbers/letters in order to unlock it 
- A chest you need to lockpick by finding the sweetspot and keeping your lockpick inside it as you turn the lock cylinder. 
- A standard locpicking system similar to games like Fallout and Dying Light. 
- Standalone demos showing the different lock types, which also works on mobile. 
- Video guides to show the basics of the lock types, and how to integrate them into RFPS and UFPS. 

需要5金币 50 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分

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