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unity近距离作战系统源码BS Melee Combat System,拥有着干净的游戏代码以及完美的框架结构。喜欢的可以下载收藏!游戏具体介绍:Slash your way to a great Action Game! 
BladeSmith Melee Combat System is a universal template for breathing life into your game's combat. Using Markers create your weapon's hitzones, add Limb Hitboxes to your Enemies and bring your own favourite animations, controllers or  VR to spin your blades into movement - BladeSmith let's you make the Action Game you always wanted, with absolute freedom! 
Weapon System gives you the ability to spread markers around your weapon to give it lethal funtions upon movement - hit-detection is fr amerate independent. 
Health and Shield Systems are used to control characters' health and shield features. 
1. Place markers around your weapon. 
2. Place Health, Limb and Shield Systems on your characters, as needed. 
3. Set Animation Events to trigger BladeSmith Functions (like enabling and disabling Markers) or  set your weapon to Constant Damaging. 

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