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Unity切换重力多平台支持系统模板Switch The Gravity干净、简单且易于理解的完整注释和文档化C#代码。具体介绍如下:This template is ready for release. It is optimized for mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile) standalone (Windows PC and Mac OSX), web player and webGL. 
"Switch The Gravity" features addictive one-touch gameplay with sleek, minimalist graphics. 
This pack includes: 
Full game ready to use. 
Input touch controller for mobile 
Mouse input controller for web and desktop (mac and windows). 
Easily change directly in the editor. 
Procedural infinite level generation. 
Spawn pool. 
This pack is ready to use and compatible with: 
Leaderboard (iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Game Service): this game is compatible with Very Simple Leaderboard. Get it here: Very Simple Leaderboard, and import it to your project and you will ready to use leaderboard in a minute! 
Social sharing: Today we know many apps and games which provide general sharing of screenshots, of messages, scores, promotional images and much more. 

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