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unity人物舞蹈动画动作捕捉库Dance MoCap Collection 1.0
所支持的Unity版本:5.3.4 及以上版本
The largest compilation of Morro Motion's dance assets. Dance MoCap Collection is the culmination of all of Morro Motion's high quality dance mocap. The best dances for a great price, all in one place! 
This package contains a collection of 60 fbx motion capture animations for a bipedal humanoid character performing various dance moves. 
Compatible with Morro Motion's other packages and Unity's Mecanim, Dance MoCap Collection is the perfect choice for new or    returning users who are looking for a huge selection of high quality dance moves. 
User's new to our assets need not worry as all of our animation packages contain our talented and beautiful MorroMan character. He, she, or    it is ready to bend, twist, and move to display our animations for you. 
*all animations are clamped to optimal ranges. T-poses for re-targeting purposes can be found by un-clamping each animation......

需要3金币 30 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分