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Population Engine 1.5
所支持的Unity版本:5.6.0 及以上版本
nstantly breathe life into your cities, villages, and dungeons with the ultimate AI crowds and procedural spawning solution for Unity! 
It can mass-generate any ob ject - people, buildings, trees, props - and intelligently place them in your scene around obstacles. The AI system instantly drives NPCs into motion with pathfinding and animations - no programming required! Populate your scene in minutes, not weeks or  months! 
FOR NPCs: Automatically places your characters and vehicles in your scene, around obstacles such as buildings, cars, tables, etc… It then powers your NPCs to move around to simulate a living population. NPCs automatically stop and look at specific ob jects. You can set up unlimited routes and traffic directions. Includes advanced movement sc ript with Head Look Controller, animations, Mechanim Animation Controller, and free humanoid models for testing. 

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