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unity世界末日灾难后场景模型Post Apocalyptic World 1.1
所支持的Unity版本:5.5.0 及以上版本
Post Apocalyptic World contains over 100 AAA models to create your own abandoned city focused on the latest Unity 5 experience. 
- 3 Houses with full interiors
- 5 doors built with physics
- Mix and match siding, bricks, drywall to get tons of variations
- 1 Store with blocked out apartment
- 1 Industrial building built modularly to give you full control of scale/complexity
- 3 species of trees with 2 variations each
- Over a dozen bushes, grass, weeds to build lush ground foliage
- Over 40 props to fill interiors and streets
- Broken rubble, bricks, trash, loose paper to help give that added grungy look
- Full documentation and support
Technical Detail: 
- 5 Building Assets 
- 3 houses with full interiors
- 1 store 
- 1 modularly built industrial building

需要3金币 30 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分