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unity FPS射击游戏项目UFPS : Ultimate FPS 1.7.4
所支持的Unity版本:5.6.0 及以上版本
UFPS is a professional FPS base platform for Unity. One of the longest-running and most popular titles of the Unity Asset Store, it’s known for smooth controls and fluid, realtime-generated camera and weapon motion. Since 2012 it has been steadily expanded, supported and refactored with a focus on robust, generic FPS features.
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Physics based animations for smooth gunplay and awesome camera shakes
Mouse smoothing & acceleration: No more jerky input!
Native Oculus VR support!
Full Body Awareness with Mecanim-animated player bodies and ragdolls
Hand Grenades and updated Explosion system with Cover support
Pain HUD with directional damage indicator and blood spatter
Earthquakes, shockwaves, boss stomping, camera impacts!


需要5金币 50 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分