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unity触摸控制系统源码TouchConsole Pro 2.1.0 
Requires Unity 5.5.1 or    higher.
TouchConsole Pro is a powerful debug console designed to help you and your testers have a great experience testing and debugging your game.
See a complete list of messages and exceptions while running on device or    in the Web Player
Execute commands to modify or    inspect the state of your game, with an easy API
Get notified when an exception occurs
Optimised for touch screens
Filter and search the log
Email beautiful, filterable HTML logs complete log complete with screenshots and your save file using built-in native plugins for Android and iOS [see an example!]
Advanced auto-completion support to minimize typing.
Supports all the platforms Unity supports, including Web Player and WebGL.
Extendable - override default behaviour with simple to use hooks.
Automatically removes itself from your final builds (configurable)

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