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unity中世纪营寨部落场景Ultimate Fantasy Creator LITE
要求Unity 5.0.1 或更高版本。
This is the FREE LITE kit from my Ultimate Fantasy Creator Kit!
This package includes a large amount of HD prefabs, for free! Totaling: 159+ Prefabs!
Once again, this is another fully modular package! Don't like the demo scene I've provided you with? Take it apart, fully, create your levels how you want!
Everything inlcuded in this package, is also included in the UF Creator full kit! (All screenshots below, are showing the demo scene included in this package!)
With this kit, you will receive:
-Wooden Pavilions, and Wood benches.
-Old Tables, Chairs, Stools.
-Urns, Crates, Barrels.
-Wooden Sheds.
-Full supply for the creation of "Bandit Camps" or  Shanty wood-like Fortifications.

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