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unity科幻游戏GUI皮肤Project Neuron Sci-Fi GUI Skin
* Please, pay attention, that in this package, present only .psd file and cut .png files. For all elements in a package, you must write a code, it is simple design. 
Project-Neuron Sci-Fi GUI Skin, is a set of the graphic elements developed for game of a genre of sci-fi. In this package, some options of one elements which were developed will be suitable both for tablet devices and for the mobile 
This package includes various game windows and elements
* Main menu
* Settings window games
* Shop
* Inventory
* Window level selection
* Window complete a level
* Loading screen level
* Pause Menu for tablet device
* Pause Menu for devices with small diagonal
* The main control interface in the game
*Additional elements of the game and the interface

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