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unity科幻工业场景资源包SciFi Industrial Level Kit 2.0.
所支持的Unity版本:2017.3.0 及以上版本
Designed to be a useful, ever growing set of valid solutions to boost creativity for end users.
It presents a modular, easy to combine system of ob jects, structures and PBR/IBL lighting solutions which allow the creation of different sci-fy, hi-tech industrial themed scenes.
The package includes:
-1004 Prefabs (included v1.0. assets) with walls, ceilings, floors, doors, crates, containers, barrels, computers, screens, pipes, cables, corridors and buildings of different sizes and purposes.
- 95 textures.
- 39 PBR materials.
- 4 scenes including:
- 1 scene ASSET LIBRARY where you can explore all the contents of the package. Given the considerable amount of assets, it is advisable to spend some time on this scene and explore the different combinations and possibilities.

需要4金币 40 积分 ( 如何获取金币与积分